'KING' Work In progress tease.

🦁Finishing what I started...
Long time followers of my art will remember this one…

I started this piece when I was living in Spain all the way back in 2014. 
If you told me it would be only 50% done in 2019 I would have assumed something tragic must have happened to me.🙈
I took it down from the attic earlier and spent a few hours tweaking it and the hunger to complete it came “Roaring"back.🤭
My attic is a sorry state of over 20 unfinished paintings patiently waiting for my return. External hard drives filled with what must be over a 1000 hours of process footage for these paintings and dozens of baroque frames I have hunted down in flea markets waiting to cradle this unfinished business.
It's amazing how months or years later when I return to a painting like this and paint touches the canvas, a renewed energy strikes. I feel more risky and reckless and I love it!😊Traditional painting is where my passion thrives. It's so simple and organic, Canvas, sticks with hair on them and tubes of slime. 
I wish there was 100 hours in a day, that I didn’t need the 4 hours sleep I average. I wish I could just freeze time and lose myself in a vortex of creativity and emerge satisfied.
Every day I think of new Ideas for artworks and have to stop myself from jumping into them as there is so much that needs to be finished first.⌛️ 
I made a vow to myself that all these paintings will be finished this year and I will hold my first solo exhibition.🙏🏻

And thats what I shall do. 🔥

Thanks for sticking with me. You lot are a constant source of inspiration and your support is massively appreciated. Love you all! 🖤

There is also a full process video of this piece that will be coming to my Youtube channel as soon as I finish the painting! It’s gonna be a biggie!!

There is also a full process video of this piece that will be coming to my Youtube channel as soon as I finish the painting! It’s gonna be a biggie!!

NEW ART PRINT! 'Phi 1.618'

‘Phi - 1.618’ - Now Available! 
The latest addition to my ‘Dark Nature’ series is now available in my online store! 🍂🌑
I wanted to capture a mix of the grotesque and beautiful. Originally this piece started as a doodle and was in my sketch book for a few months. In-between commissions I fleshed the concept out a little further and decided to turn her into a full painting. Acrylics and Ink on Cartridge paper.

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio that seems to appear recurrently in beautiful things in nature as well as in other things that are seen as “Beautiful”. The “Golden Ratio” is a mathematical ratio of 1.618:1, and the number 1.618 is called “Phi. 🖤

Phi is available as an A2 Signed Art Print, printed on 250 gsm card stock. Every print is signed and shipped by me personally. Hope you like it!



Loads of Signed Art Prints available in my Online Store NOW!! 🌎📮
FREE Worldwide Shipping on ALL orders!👇🏼

Euryale - WIP

STAGE 1 (WIP - Euryale)🐍
I’m excited to reveal the rough preliminary drawing of Medusa’s sister Euryale. She will be the 2nd in my set of the 3 Gorgon sisters. 
I wanted to give her a different aesthetic to my previous Medusa piece, Euryale will be more raw, tribal and badass.👊🏻
Less snakes in her hair and snake tattoos instead. How in Athens will she ever get a job with that snake tattoo on her head?!
Currently doing the finishing touches to my Incubus painting and then I’ll be getting my teeth into this lovely lady. 👸🏽🐍🏛
Much love to you all and thanks so much for your amazing support in what I do.


NICE Comic Convention - Sept 2018

It is with great joy I can announce that myself and my very good friend and exceptionally talented artist Noel Guard will be guesting at this years NICE Comic Convention In Bedford UK on the 1st-2nd September.👈🏻
It’s going to be a hilarious weekend of art and the customary mayhem when us and a load of Man Children get together.🍸🥂🤪
NICE Convention has a load the finest comic artists in the world attending, its an amazing chance for you to meet the cream of the industry in a super relaxed and friendly convention.
Also our art idol Simon Bisley is gong to be there! What more could you want?!! 😱
Get your tickets now and join the Chuckle Brothers of the art world on a weekend of Art, laughter and bromance….👬
Check out Noels amazing art! We will have lots of goodies available on the day and maybe some sketching.. before things get blurry and wobbly.
See you there! 🖤





To celebrate this momentous day, I thought I would do an #Alien themed piece! Then about an hour ago I decided to make it a strictly LTD edition run of ✨40 ✨ Signed Art Prints.

This started as a quick sketch over coffee, then I got carried away and started flinging paint and ink and I became quite fond of it!  Hope you guys dig it and keep those eyes peeled as I am giving the original away soon in a competition you can all enter. 👀🤗 
Much love to you al! 🖤 


If you are someone who checks out my website or joined my Mailing List, you will be the first to see that my new Art Print 'SUCCUBUS' is available NOW for purchase.

I love drawing female figures with horns as you have probably gathered by now. It was about time I gave some love to the folklore Demon of seduction. This high quality print is from a large canvas painting I recently did and the latest in my ongoing 'Dark Nature' series.

'SUCCUBUS' is printed on High Quality 200gsm satin finish paper and shipped in a protective tube. Every A2 sized print approx (16.5 x 23.4 inches) is personally signed and sent by Christopher Lovell.

Don't forget I ship all orders personally with FREE Worldwide shipping!

Snag one before they are gone! 




I am excited to announce my collaboration with Darkglass Electronics🖤
Being a passionate musician myself it was a great honour for my Medusa art to adorn the LTD Edition Microtube 900 Amplifier. 🐍
Darkglass are the top of the game when it comes to Bass guitar effects pedals and amplifiers. These beasts sound incredible and I highly recommend checking out Dark Glass Electronics if you want some amazing sounding gear.👌🏻
Now I’m all fired up to get back in the studio and start jamming/recording again!🎸 

Collaboration with WILDSTARHEARTS!

✨ I am very happy to announce my collaboration with www.wildstarhearts.net ✨
Pictured here Is their ‘Labyrinth’ Duvet set and it looks amazing! Theres nothing better as an artist than to see your work printed perfectly an now I can take naps in it!! 😴
Four of my designs are currently available on their website in the form of Duvet sets, Fleece blankets, vests and Tees! 
Also save 10% on BEDDING featuring my artwork with Discount Code LOVELLART at checkout. The discount code is running until the end of the year so you can save some money on Halloween/Christmas prezzies! 🎃🎁
Head over to www.wildstarhearts.net and search ‘Lovell’ and check out whats available!

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Interview with 'Moshville Times'

Hey all! Check out my recent interview with The Moshville Times! I discuss My tastes in Music, Art, what shaped me and the jobs I worked in the past that nearly broke me! 


'The Howling' New Artwork!

🌕🐺  I had the pleasure of doing a piece based on the classic werewolf movie 'The Howling'. I remember seeing this movie as a child and it left a mark on me, especially the Werewolf transformation scene! It was a pleasure and honour to do this piece! Really pleased with myself for actually keeping this one simple! 😌 A T-shirt version of this design is also available through Fright Rags.
Hope you like it! ☺️
Signed Art Prints are available now in my online store!



Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! 🎃👻
Weirdly pumpkin carving is something I have no memory of ever doing, even in my childhood. I think I was always too busy making costumes at Halloween to be bothered with pumpkins. 
After seeing some amazing photos over the years of pumpkins carved as if they were wood, I decided to give it a go. 
I didn’t really know what to expect so I just got stuck in and hoped for the best. 
Hope you enjoy the vid and thanks so much for all your kind words and support. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! 

Much love x



London Tattoo Convention 2016

Wow! What a weekend it was. I had an absolutely amazing time at the http://www.thelondontattooconvention.com I arrived on the Thursday night for set up and was stunned at the size of the Tobacco Dock venue. Its HUGE!! 

This was by far the biggest convention I have ever attended, fantastically organised and presented. All three days were manic and I got to meet so many amazing people. I had such a great time, I felt sad when it was all over. I had my good mate Joe come up and help me over the sat and sun. I sold a load of print which was awesome and had some lovely feedback about my work. Its crazy how surreal it feels when I actually meet followers of my work. When people say they have been following me for years and love my stuff its so amazing to me. I feel humbled and honoured beyond words. It inspires the hell out of me to keep creating and smashing out all kinds of pieces. The only downside of the con was I didn’t meal prep and had to live off Mc Donalds for four days. Now and again a Double cheeseburger is great... but all day every day for 4 days has made me feel like death! That and all the booze in the seething heat coming through those windows! Going on a bit of a Detox now and getting back on it at the gym. Two weeks off has given me a dad bod! I sadly wasn’t able to film much as my phones were dead by the time I got to the venue every day as I had to use them for sat nag through London. Tbh on the flip side, it was lovely to just enjoy the moment and not have filming constantly on my mind. 

Here’s a few pictures from the three days :) x

New Art Print - ‘Esca'

I am pleased to reveal my new ‘Dark Nature’ art print ‘Esca’. 

 I started this piece a few years ago in Spain and decided recently that it was time to finish her. I have always had a fascination with woodlands and forests and thought it would be nice to add in a misty lose background to give the characters some environment. Esca is Latin for ‘bait’, but with that in mind I would love to hear some of your interpretations to this piece. vailable now in my online store. Every print is hand signed and shipped by me personally with FREE worldwide shipping. Thanks so much for all of your support! 


Available now in my online store. Every print is hand signed and shipped by me personally with FREE worldwide shipping. Thanks so much for all of your support! www.christopherlovell.com/shop

Adding a few Highlights and tweaks to the Pencil, ink and Acrylic artwork, before scanning and colouring. 

Adding a few Highlights and tweaks to the Pencil, ink and Acrylic artwork, before scanning and colouring. 



Hello sinners! Anyone who knows me knows that I have numerous obsessions with may characters from the world of film, comics and cartoons. Probably my No1 obsession is the character Judge Death from the legendary British comic 2000AD. Judge Death is the nemesis of Judge Dredd. I remember seeing Judge Death on the cover of a comic when I was a child. It was long before I knew anything about the character or the 2000AD universe. The image of his grinning face and aesthetics burnt into my mind. I remember thinking he looked like a zombie American football player! Years later I started collecting anything and everything I could related to the character. I did a painting of him back in 2008 and thought the time had come to do another! 

Here is a cropped image of the final painting along with a number of various progress photos. I primarily used Acrylic paint on this piece but also used a number of other mediums, like pro markers, pencils and spray paint. This piece is available now in my online store as a signed A2 art print. www.christopherlovell.com/shop

This A2 16.5 x 23.4 inch print is printed on high quality 200 gsm stock paper and comes tissue paper wrapped in a protective tube. All prints are hand signed by me personally and FREE worldwide shipping is available on all orders.

This A2 16.5 x 23.4 inch print is printed on high quality 200 gsm stock paper and comes tissue paper wrapped in a protective tube. All prints are hand signed by me personally and FREE worldwide shipping is available on all orders.


So my good friend Dan recently visited me and whilst out having a few drinks, he surprised me with some art tools and some challenges! The first was to draw the Predator in 5 minutes from memory. When we lived together he would often challenge me to draw various movie characters from memory. However, in a pub with a 5 minute (Plus a cheeky bonus minute) time limit, I can’t tell if I did ok or rubbish! Hope you enjoy and more to come if you want them! Please subscribe to my channel!


‘Neptune Project’ Art Prints!

Neptune Project are legends in the trance music scene and also best friends of mine. Dan from the duo wanted me to design a T-shirt for them which has also been made into prints. Something very different visually to my usual work, colourful and spacey!! I had a batch to prints to sign the other day and my wrist is still aching! Dan is currently back from America so him and I are catching up over the next few days. Bring on the FOOD RIOTS!!