Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! 🎃👻
Weirdly pumpkin carving is something I have no memory of ever doing, even in my childhood. I think I was always too busy making costumes at Halloween to be bothered with pumpkins. 
After seeing some amazing photos over the years of pumpkins carved as if they were wood, I decided to give it a go. 
I didn’t really know what to expect so I just got stuck in and hoped for the best. 
Hope you enjoy the vid and thanks so much for all your kind words and support. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! 

Much love x


London Tattoo Convention 2016

Wow! What a weekend it was. I had an absolutely amazing time at the I arrived on the Thursday night for set up and was stunned at the size of the Tobacco Dock venue. Its HUGE!! 

This was by far the biggest convention I have ever attended, fantastically organised and presented. All three days were manic and I got to meet so many amazing people. I had such a great time, I felt sad when it was all over. I had my good mate Joe come up and help me over the sat and sun. I sold a load of print which was awesome and had some lovely feedback about my work. Its crazy how surreal it feels when I actually meet followers of my work. When people say they have been following me for years and love my stuff its so amazing to me. I feel humbled and honoured beyond words. It inspires the hell out of me to keep creating and smashing out all kinds of pieces. The only downside of the con was I didn’t meal prep and had to live off Mc Donalds for four days. Now and again a Double cheeseburger is great... but all day every day for 4 days has made me feel like death! That and all the booze in the seething heat coming through those windows! Going on a bit of a Detox now and getting back on it at the gym. Two weeks off has given me a dad bod! I sadly wasn’t able to film much as my phones were dead by the time I got to the venue every day as I had to use them for sat nag through London. Tbh on the flip side, it was lovely to just enjoy the moment and not have filming constantly on my mind. 

Here’s a few pictures from the three days :) x

New Art Print - ‘Esca'

I am pleased to reveal my new ‘Dark Nature’ art print ‘Esca’. 

 I started this piece a few years ago in Spain and decided recently that it was time to finish her. I have always had a fascination with woodlands and forests and thought it would be nice to add in a misty lose background to give the characters some environment. Esca is Latin for ‘bait’, but with that in mind I would love to hear some of your interpretations to this piece. vailable now in my online store. Every print is hand signed and shipped by me personally with FREE worldwide shipping. Thanks so much for all of your support! 


Available now in my online store. Every print is hand signed and shipped by me personally with FREE worldwide shipping. Thanks so much for all of your support!

Adding a few Highlights and tweaks to the Pencil, ink and Acrylic artwork, before scanning and colouring. 

Adding a few Highlights and tweaks to the Pencil, ink and Acrylic artwork, before scanning and colouring. 



Hello sinners! Anyone who knows me knows that I have numerous obsessions with may characters from the world of film, comics and cartoons. Probably my No1 obsession is the character Judge Death from the legendary British comic 2000AD. Judge Death is the nemesis of Judge Dredd. I remember seeing Judge Death on the cover of a comic when I was a child. It was long before I knew anything about the character or the 2000AD universe. The image of his grinning face and aesthetics burnt into my mind. I remember thinking he looked like a zombie American football player! Years later I started collecting anything and everything I could related to the character. I did a painting of him back in 2008 and thought the time had come to do another! 

Here is a cropped image of the final painting along with a number of various progress photos. I primarily used Acrylic paint on this piece but also used a number of other mediums, like pro markers, pencils and spray paint. This piece is available now in my online store as a signed A2 art print.

This A2 16.5 x 23.4 inch print is printed on high quality 200 gsm stock paper and comes tissue paper wrapped in a protective tube. All prints are hand signed by me personally and FREE worldwide shipping is available on all orders.

This A2 16.5 x 23.4 inch print is printed on high quality 200 gsm stock paper and comes tissue paper wrapped in a protective tube. All prints are hand signed by me personally and FREE worldwide shipping is available on all orders.


So my good friend Dan recently visited me and whilst out having a few drinks, he surprised me with some art tools and some challenges! The first was to draw the Predator in 5 minutes from memory. When we lived together he would often challenge me to draw various movie characters from memory. However, in a pub with a 5 minute (Plus a cheeky bonus minute) time limit, I can’t tell if I did ok or rubbish! Hope you enjoy and more to come if you want them! Please subscribe to my channel!

‘Neptune Project’ Art Prints!

Neptune Project are legends in the trance music scene and also best friends of mine. Dan from the duo wanted me to design a T-shirt for them which has also been made into prints. Something very different visually to my usual work, colourful and spacey!! I had a batch to prints to sign the other day and my wrist is still aching! Dan is currently back from America so him and I are catching up over the next few days. Bring on the FOOD RIOTS!!

New Dark Nature Print ‘FAUNA'

I recently completed a new ‘Dark Nature’ piece. Here is a look at the final print version of ‘Fauna' available now as a signed ‘A2' 16.5 x 23.4 inch print in my online store. I love working on my personal ‘Dark Nature visions. Its a place I can let my mind and creativity unravel on the paper in front of me.😌 I had this vision in my head for a long time. The most important aspect to me was the eyes, 👀 I wanted to create a sense of seduction without showing anything remotely sexy. I’d love to hear some of your interpretations of this piece! Thanks again to everyone who has ordered a print so far. Love you all! 💙 P.S. Free worldwide shipping on all orders! 📮🌍

A photo of me working on ‘Fauna’ Pencils, inks and pro markers!

A photo of me working on ‘Fauna’ Pencils, inks and pro markers!

How to Overcome Artist's Block - NEW VIDEO

I was out cycling in Spain and felt inspired to make a quick video on a topic that I’m sure all of us creative types will encounter at some point... The dreaded ‘Artist's Block!’  
I thought I would share a few of my tried and tested tips that will hopefully serve to help you overcome this issue should it arise. 
Then I climb up a mountain...

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Much love!

NEW VIDEO: DARK ART TIME LAPSE : Process and tools

 🎥 I recently drew a new piece and filmed the making of it for a new time-lapse/tutorial video for my YouTube channel.
Here I share with you the entire process of how I created my new "Dark Nature" piece "Latro" 
Close to 12 hours of footage sped up to about 10 minutes. 
I give a quick rundown of the tools I used to draw this piece, why and how I like to use them. 
Hope you enjoy and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and ask me any questions! 👌 Hope you're all having a great weekend! x

Chris x

ABORTED Album cover art revealed!

Over the Christmas period I was working on a very fun and wacky Album art commission for the death metal band ABORTED. Sven came to me with the album title "Retro Gore" and pretty much gave me free reign to do what I wanted. It was a perfect chance for me to go a bit wild and throw in lots of 80s/90s nostalgic elements. For example, the Mad Surgeon character has a modified Nintendo Power Glove and customised View Master Goggles. The rest of the album art is all kinds of madness in which I got to include things like my favourite He-Man Characters, My Pet Monster, Mr Frosty and various other childhood gems! Its always fun to do art for bands I have been a long time fan of, especially when I have the chance to go a bit nuts and conjure up all sorts of craziness! I'll post more art panels as soon as I have a green light to do so! Also Sven was an absolute joy to work with and I look forward to future projects with the guys! 


Arnold Schwarzenegger Auctions my art!

Arnold was in Edinburgh and Birmingham on the 20th and 21st of Jan for an exclusive Black tie “Audience with Schwarzenegger” event. Both evenings were a massive success and at the end of each night was a charity auction of12 items which Arnold would auction off to the audience. The lots consisted of Movie props like leather Jackets worn in the terminator, Swords from the Conan movie, props, statues and art. 

It was such an honour and surreal experience to see my artwork being signed and handled but such an idol of mine. My T-800 Terminator prints sold at a musclebound £7,500.00! 


Very happy Lovell here :)


I hope this year is an amazing one for all of you. I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to anyone who follows, shares, comments, likes or has any interest in my work.😌 You guys are a massive motivation for me. Your interaction and enthusiasm for what I do gives me a massive boost to work hard and reveal new projects and ideas. I love doing what I do and you lot are the icing on the cake. 2015 was a wonderful year for me art wise and a year that has enabled me to be at a point where I can take a long desired leap into doing my own thing art wise. I will still be taking on select client projects, but I want to start 2016 with a solid focus on my personal work and pushing myself into areas I have longed to explore. 🌏 I have so many ideas swimming around in my cranium that I have to paint and draw or I will explode from creative frustration. Its been a long road but I am very thankful to be at a point career wise where I can truly explore my creativity and potential. Large canvas paintings like the one I am working on here will be my main priority for the first half of 2016, with the intention to exhibit and hopefully meet some of you lot! 💛
I also want to do workshops and numerous other things that I will reveal in due course. This painting will be completed this month with a lengthly and detailed start to finish process video for my YouTube channel. I’m feeling more motivated and ambitious than ever and I am going to give 2016 all I have. 👊💥 Hopefully you guys will stay along for the ride. Wishing you all an amazing year ahead!
P.S. I am opening my online store for a week tomorrow eve for signed art prints galore! 😉 x

Drawing Dragons - NEW VIDEO

Here is a little work in progress (WIP) vid of a dragon themed piece I did recently. Very happy to finally have a dragon commission! Something I have wanted to do for a long time. I kept the line work and shading bold in this as it is to be scanned in, coloured and turned into a T-Shirt design for my client. What you see here is primarily fine liners and pro markers. A night sky was later added around the moon and various highlights to make things pop. I will be releasing a coloured and signed print version of this artwork that will be available in my online store later this month. 
'Who'd have thought we'd meet as bones beneath the dragons feet' 
Hope you like and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more vids! :) x