'KING' Work In progress tease.

🦁Finishing what I started...
Long time followers of my art will remember this one…

I started this piece when I was living in Spain all the way back in 2014. 
If you told me it would be only 50% done in 2019 I would have assumed something tragic must have happened to me.🙈
I took it down from the attic earlier and spent a few hours tweaking it and the hunger to complete it came “Roaring"back.🤭
My attic is a sorry state of over 20 unfinished paintings patiently waiting for my return. External hard drives filled with what must be over a 1000 hours of process footage for these paintings and dozens of baroque frames I have hunted down in flea markets waiting to cradle this unfinished business.
It's amazing how months or years later when I return to a painting like this and paint touches the canvas, a renewed energy strikes. I feel more risky and reckless and I love it!😊Traditional painting is where my passion thrives. It's so simple and organic, Canvas, sticks with hair on them and tubes of slime. 
I wish there was 100 hours in a day, that I didn’t need the 4 hours sleep I average. I wish I could just freeze time and lose myself in a vortex of creativity and emerge satisfied.
Every day I think of new Ideas for artworks and have to stop myself from jumping into them as there is so much that needs to be finished first.⌛️ 
I made a vow to myself that all these paintings will be finished this year and I will hold my first solo exhibition.🙏🏻

And thats what I shall do. 🔥

Thanks for sticking with me. You lot are a constant source of inspiration and your support is massively appreciated. Love you all! 🖤

There is also a full process video of this piece that will be coming to my Youtube channel as soon as I finish the painting! It’s gonna be a biggie!!

There is also a full process video of this piece that will be coming to my Youtube channel as soon as I finish the painting! It’s gonna be a biggie!!



To celebrate this momentous day, I thought I would do an #Alien themed piece! Then about an hour ago I decided to make it a strictly LTD edition run of ✨40 ✨ Signed Art Prints.

This started as a quick sketch over coffee, then I got carried away and started flinging paint and ink and I became quite fond of it!  Hope you guys dig it and keep those eyes peeled as I am giving the original away soon in a competition you can all enter. 👀🤗 
Much love to you al! 🖤 


If you are someone who checks out my website or joined my Mailing List, you will be the first to see that my new Art Print 'SUCCUBUS' is available NOW for purchase.

I love drawing female figures with horns as you have probably gathered by now. It was about time I gave some love to the folklore Demon of seduction. This high quality print is from a large canvas painting I recently did and the latest in my ongoing 'Dark Nature' series.

'SUCCUBUS' is printed on High Quality 200gsm satin finish paper and shipped in a protective tube. Every A2 sized print approx (16.5 x 23.4 inches) is personally signed and sent by Christopher Lovell.

Don't forget I ship all orders personally with FREE Worldwide shipping!

Snag one before they are gone! 


Collaboration with WILDSTARHEARTS!

✨ I am very happy to announce my collaboration with www.wildstarhearts.net ✨
Pictured here Is their ‘Labyrinth’ Duvet set and it looks amazing! Theres nothing better as an artist than to see your work printed perfectly an now I can take naps in it!! 😴
Four of my designs are currently available on their website in the form of Duvet sets, Fleece blankets, vests and Tees! 
Also save 10% on BEDDING featuring my artwork with Discount Code LOVELLART at checkout. The discount code is running until the end of the year so you can save some money on Halloween/Christmas prezzies! 🎃🎁
Head over to www.wildstarhearts.net and search ‘Lovell’ and check out whats available!

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'The Howling' New Artwork!

🌕🐺  I had the pleasure of doing a piece based on the classic werewolf movie 'The Howling'. I remember seeing this movie as a child and it left a mark on me, especially the Werewolf transformation scene! It was a pleasure and honour to do this piece! Really pleased with myself for actually keeping this one simple! 😌 A T-shirt version of this design is also available through Fright Rags.
Hope you like it! ☺️
Signed Art Prints are available now in my online store!


Bolton Movie Con UK

Had a great weekend in Bolton where I traded at the Movie Con. I got to meet some awesome people, especially my little helper Romana here who was the highlight of the day for me and my girlfriend Jess. I could give Romana any random idea out of my head and she would instantly draw it, no questions asked. My favourite was the Guinea Pig wearing a cape flying over a city holding a flag depicting a sheep with an octopus body :) This was one of my first cons as a trader/exhibitor and was a great learning experience for me. Thanks to Jess for driving the 400+ miles to get there which gave me a chance to catch up on a little well needed sleep. Treated myself to a vintage 'Clawful' He-Man figure too!