ABORTED Album cover art revealed!

Over the Christmas period I was working on a very fun and wacky Album art commission for the death metal band ABORTED. Sven came to me with the album title "Retro Gore" and pretty much gave me free reign to do what I wanted. It was a perfect chance for me to go a bit wild and throw in lots of 80s/90s nostalgic elements. For example, the Mad Surgeon character has a modified Nintendo Power Glove and customised View Master Goggles. The rest of the album art is all kinds of madness in which I got to include things like my favourite He-Man Characters, My Pet Monster, Mr Frosty and various other childhood gems! Its always fun to do art for bands I have been a long time fan of, especially when I have the chance to go a bit nuts and conjure up all sorts of craziness! I'll post more art panels as soon as I have a green light to do so! Also Sven was an absolute joy to work with and I look forward to future projects with the guys!