Dungeons & Dragons!

Childhood dream commission alert!

⚔️ Excited to get my teeth into this piece for the awesome Joe Manganiello💪🏼

Dungeons & Dragons was a huge part of my childhood and a monumental inspiration for me. Joe asked me to design a piece for the mighty Death Saves and its been a blast so far. Totally just doing what I fancy and what would have made childhood me squeal with delight!
Rough guide lines are down in the 1st pic and then its onto the paints in the second pic.💥🤛🏻
This is the art I dreamed to make when I was a kid and I’m stoked to be doing something D&D related for the awesome Death Saves. ☠️
I’ll be sharing progress pics of this project as I hit each miles stone on it.👀

I am also filming the process of this painting for a future YouTube vid.
ALSO... Look very closely and you might see an Easter Egg for a future project we have planned that is truly my definition of a passion project!👌🏻 

Hope everyone out there is doing awesomely! 🖤