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Christopher Lovell is a UK based artist who specialises primarily in illustration for clothing companies and band merchandise. Christopher is self-taught and his influences started very early on in his childhood where he developed a deep interest in fantasy and sci-fi. He was captivated by toys, cartoons and films which helped to fuel his imagination and which still inspire him to this day.

Christopher is currently limiting his client work while he concentrates on building on his personal portfolio. Christopher feels his best work has come from when he has no restrictions on his creativity and he can let his imagination thrive. He has a rapidly growing fan base online with people all over the world acknowledging his work and his personal pieces are those that are best received.

Christopher wants to expand his fan base not just online, but by being able to meet people face to face, he plans to do this by exhibiting his work and attending comic cons and movie conventions in the near future. He also has some exciting and exclusive projects planned for 2019.

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