Personal Work

Here you will find art prints of the creations from Christopher Lovell. This is personal work that has come from his own imagination, ranging from demons to goddesses and all the Dark Nature series.

Online Store

Christopher Lovell's Online Store 

Here you will find art prints that are Christopher Lovell's take on iconic characters, from horror to sci-fi and all that is in-between  He has worked with various franchises which have allowed him to recreate these iconic characters.

Iconic Characters

christopher lovell magic the gathering king narfi wizards kaldheim.jpg

Magic The Gathering

Here you will find Christopher Lovell's creations for Magic the Gathering. This is where you will find art prints and exclusive artist proof cards. 

This isn't a physical product. If you would like to have one of Christopher Lovell's designs tattooed on you, this can be a way to support him so he can keep creating art.

Tattoo Token