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Having my artwork Tattooed....

I am often asked by people to grant permission to have my artwork tattooed on them. I thought I would write a little about my thoughts on it and why I'm always happy about it!

💉😺Check out this beautiful tattoo of my ‘Soma’ piece on the lovely @natiehufnagel Its an amazing feeling seeing my artwork on peoples skin, especially done to this standard.👌 Which brings me onto a topic I have been meaning to highlight for a long time...

I am asked most days if I will give my blessing for my artwork to be used for a tattoo, either by someone wanting the design on their skin or a tattooist checking if I’m ok with it. I have noticed for some reason a lot of artists get very butt hurt about people having their artwork tattooed. This really puzzles me, especially as these artists are not tattooists. Why would the idea of someone walking around with your art on them upset you or make you feel like you have been stolen from in some way? Sure a tattooist made money tattooing something you designed, but you were never going to get any money from that anyway. Someone liked your art enough to have it immortalised on their skin!! Thats amazing and worth way more than the money you were never going to get! Hypothetically, If I was a tattooist and these were custom designs for a paying client then yes, that is an issue as someone commissioned me to design a one off piece. If tattooists are passing off my designs as their own that is also an issue, but not something that I’ll lose sleep over, they will get caught out at some point anyway. Regardless, it still means my design is out there on someone and bringing them (hopefully) some kind of joy and happiness. As long as a tattooist credits me where necessary, I have ZERO issues with someone having my work tattooed on them, its a huge compliment and I love seeing photos of happy people sporting my work on their skin. It doesn’t get more flattering than that. If I was ever to become a tattooist then my opinion on this would have to change as customers would want to know they had a unique piece that they commissioned. Custom tattoo flash theft is awful and I don’t condone that at all. 😡 But I am an illustrator, which means if you are thinking of getting my work tattooed then GO FOR IT!!! Be sure to send me pics! 😃👌✨

Below are just a few of the hundreds I have seen on Instagram, sent to me or on other places online. Amazing stuff! x

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