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Solstice is here!


So... Where to begin with this one.

This painting has truly been a journey, one full of twists, turns, challenges and lessons.

If you told me when I first sketched out the initial concept and prepped my canvas that I would still be tinkering with this painting a year later I would have been baffled. I had it all worked out! The initial concept was a silhouette like figure against a blue sky with a little corn blowing in the foreground. Minimalist and moody. This seemed fine as a sketch, but when I started painting and rendering her I felt compelled to add more and thus start the journey of experimentation and reworks. Only when I edit the numerous hours of process video (Yes I filmed the madness) I will be able to count the number of reworks, paint overs and conversations with myself about scrapping the piece or abandoning it altogether. Something in my heart just made me not want to give up on her. Now as I make some prints available in my online store I feel joy and satisfaction that I can put her in a frame and step away. I could have carried on reworking this painting for another year (easily), but I'm too excited about completing and starting the next batch of projects. I get giddy rushes of excitement when I look through my rough sketches and see then next wave of paintings I'm going to be working on.

I guess the main thing I can take away from the creation of this piece is that the journey and all the frustrations that come with it are just part of the process. A process I'm hopelessly addicted too and one I couldn't live without. If the path was totally linear then the fun and attraction would soon fade. I love the challenges that come with traditional art and seeing ideas take form, so much energy was put into this painting that I feel she has a soul, sometimes I see her face smiling at me or smirking at me. Its like she was always supposed to be what she is now. Three faces later!

My daughter loved coming into the studio too see the latest developments on the painting. She named the Fae 'Nini' which I thought was ridiculously cute. Its my pleasure to finally reveal Nini in all her parrot adorned glory!

Thank you all for your patience, especially with my lack of activity on social media this year. My energy is restored and I cant wait to share my next journey with you all, a little wiser and a lot more inspired.

Hope you like her!



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