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Yes you read that right!

I’ve seen my work printed on many things over the years, but seeing it in beautiful 3D form is something else! I'm stoked to reveal a collaboration with Reina Roja Miniatures that has seen 8 pieces from my ‘Dark Nature’ series realised in the form of busts and minis. Here is ‘Fauna’ beautifully painted by the super talented Marc Masclans Miniatures and sculpted to perfection by the amazingly skilled Sara Salmanpour

It's a true honour to be involved in a project with such talent and I cannot wait to reveal more from the upcoming line and where and how to get your hands on them.

Also… I was obsessed with Gamesworkshop when I was a kid and spent many years in my room painting miniatures, so I am really keen to see how my skills are at panting these!

What a dream come true!

Hope you're all safe and well


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