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Euryale is here!🐍


I started Euryale about 2 years ago as the follow up to my Medusa piece. She sat as just an outline image for a long time as I had to shelve the paintig to focus on other projects. (Story of my life)

With Christmas looming I decided to sacrifice even more sleep and work until 4am for what seemed like an eternity finishing her off in the hopes to get her available as a print in my online store. I have 50 AVAILABLE TO POST NOW OVER CHRISTMAS!🎄🎁 *EDIT* There is currently 12 left. I wanted Euryale to mirror my Medusa painting and for her to have a more punky/tribal vibe. I used all kinds of materials from coffee, car spray, acrylic paint, gold leaf and plaster to create this painting. I'll be getting busy with the 3rd Gorgon sister ‘Stheno’ in 2020 👍🏻 I have been informed by a Greek friend that Stheno is the more aggressive of the sisters and has red hair! Hope you like her and thanks so much for your amazing support!

I hope you are all set for an amazing Christmas!🖤🤗

This and many more art prints available with... ✅FREE signed Mini Print ✅Sticker ✅FREE Worldwide Shipping!🌎📮 *IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION* I cannot guarantee Christmas arrival outside of the EU, all orders will be shipped within two days of your purchase and tracking is not available with free shipping. 👇🏼

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