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Hello sinners! Anyone who knows me knows that I have numerous obsessions with may characters from the world of film, comics and cartoons. Probably my No1 obsession is the character Judge Death from the legendary British comic 2000AD. Judge Death is the nemesis of Judge Dredd. I remember seeing Judge Death on the cover of a comic when I was a child. It was long before I knew anything about the character or the 2000AD universe. The image of his grinning face and aesthetics burnt into my mind. I remember thinking he looked like a zombie American football player! Years later I started collecting anything and everything I could related to the character. I did a painting of him back in 2008 and thought the time had come to do another!

I primarily used Acrylic paint on this piece but also used a number of other mediums, like pro markers, pencils and spray paint. This piece is available now in my online store as a signed A2 art print.

A few progress photos from when I was working on the painting.

Also many years ago in 2007 I did this painting of fave villain. Sadly not many good photos of it exist. I remember learning a lot of techniques painting this and was especially pleased with the blood effect on his hand!

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