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London Tattoo Convention 2016

Wow! What a weekend it was. I had an absolutely amazing time at the London Tattoo Convention.

I arrived on the Thursday night for set up and was stunned at the size of the Tobacco Dock venue. Its HUGE!! This was by far the biggest convention I have ever attended, fantastically organised and presented. All three days were manic and I got to meet so many amazing people. I had such a great time, I felt sad when it was all over. I had my good mate Joe come up and help me over the sat and sun. I sold a load of prints which was awesome and had some lovely feedback about my work. It's crazy how surreal it feels when I actually meet followers of my work. When people say they have been following me for years and love my stuff its so amazing to me. I feel humbled and honoured beyond words. It inspires the hell out of me to keep creating and smashing out all kinds of pieces. The only downside of the con was I didn’t meal prep and had to live off Mc Donalds for four days. Now and again a Double cheeseburger is great... but all day every day for 4 days has made me feel like death! That and all the booze in the seething heat coming through those windows! Going on a bit of a Detox now and getting back on it at the gym. I sadly wasn’t able to film much as my phones were dead by the time I got to the venue every day as I had to use them for sat nav through London. Tbh on the flip side, it was lovely to just enjoy the moment and not have filming constantly on my mind.

Here’s a few pictures from the three days :) x

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