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I can reveal my first art work for the new Magic the Gathering game 'Kaldheim'

'Narfi - Betrayer King'

As you can probably imagine, this client and commission was right up my street.

Skeletal warrior holding up a skull in an icy tomb like surrounding?! Oh yes!

All my life I have been a heavily committed fantasy nerd. I have enjoyed fantasy artwork, games, comics, cartoons, books and films over the years a lot more than your average person. Oddly I never partook in playing Magic... I was probably heavily into making music at the time it came around and chose the more physical kind of roleplaying options the Gamesworkshop offered me. However, I have always had an awareness of the amazing art and large cluster of talented artists who's work has adorned the many Magic cards over the years.

It's truly an honour to be an artist in the Magic family and I look forward to revealing and tackling more in the future!

One last thing...

It was late 2019 that I was busy working on some personal art into the early hours. I often find myself drifting off into various paths of thought, often envisioning various future scenarios, or what I now know as "manifesting". I was thinking about Dungeons & Dragons and that then made me think of Magic the Gathering. I gave some thought about maybe one day submitting some art to them or that it might be nice to be on their roster of artists. I think I then watched a posdcast about the Magic while I painted. A few hours later... probably 4am, I walked downstairs and checked my emails before bed...

To my confused surprise was an email from Wizards of the coast asking me if I would like to be involved in 'Kaldheim'...

Weird coincidence of manifestation!? You tell me! I actually have a D&D manifestation story that is way way waaaaayyy weirder than this one, which I'll share with you as soon as I can reveal the art!

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and the artwork!

P.S. 'Narfi' is available now as a signed A2 print in my online store!

Much love always!



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